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Elevate your mood and mindset 

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Sheltering at home and practicing social distancing for weeks on end is affecting all aspects of our lives, including our health, career, finances and relationships. So, it’ s understandable if you’ve been finding that it’s difficult to keep a positive outlook.

Know that what you’re feeling is normal, especially when the future seems so unpredictable and potentially out of our control. What we’re facing now can make even happiest person feel stressed or sad.

But remember that there is always at least one thing you can control—and that is yourself.

Recognizing that you have this control, especially over how you spend your time and the way you view your circumstances, can be life changing. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to understand this and act to improve your everyday experiences, which will ultimately lead to a better outcome in the end.


Tips and Tricks to uplift your mood

  1. Get moving – any form of exercise is not only good for your body but also helps clear the mind
  2. Stay connected- keep in contact with friends and loved ones. Discuss how you’re feeling and support each other in these strange times (I strongly recommend avoiding politics and/or conspiracy theories)
  3. Design a space you love - spending more time at home it is important you create a home sanctuary.  Light a few candles, diffuse a favourite oil and keep your space free from clutter.
"We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope"
-Martin Luther King Jr.

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